"I fear no evil, for mine lord is with me!"
A pious man of righteous fury and a desire to defend the innocent, Alistair is a man whom has dedicated his life to the path of Eatos.


Race: Hume (With a smattering of Aisimar on his Mother's side)

Gender: Male

Age: 45

Faction: Church of Eatos (Eastern Branch)

Occupation: Chaplain of Eatos

Height: 6'10"

Weight: 210 lbs

Innate Element: Holy

A titan of a man, Alistair's broad shouldered, muscular form is imposing to those whom stand before him and do not meet his height. A full head of greying hair adorns is head, with smatterings of black closer to the bottom of his head; a testament to his age and experience as a Chaplain of Eatos and a slayer of evil. Over where his left eye once was, only a bionic replacement remains as the original had been lost to powder burns from a close range gunshot that narrowly missed his face. His remaining eye is a stark, brilliant blue, standing out alight with pride upon the chaplain's worn and weary face.
Alistair's face is that of a proud man whom has seen many an horror, only to slay it where it stands. A well cared for beard adorns his face, almost a symbol of pride for the chaplain as he wears it with gusto.
Most commonly, Alistair is seen wearing his cleric robes, alongside a tabard with the symbol of Eatos adorned upon it during his sermons. When working at the Devil and Cleric forge, he's often wearing simple black pants and a white shirt under his blacksmith apron. On missions, he's seen wearing his Eatosian Chaplain armor, a black suit of heavy armor engraved with gold etchings, and a helmet in the shape of a human skull.

Personality ProfileEdit

Despite his large and imposing presence, Al is actually a gentle giant with a boisterous personality. With the patience of a saint, he is not easily driven to anger, and speaks calmly and collectively whenever addressing the citizens or innocents. In battle, however, the Chaplain channels righteous fury upon the foes of his lord and those whom would harm the innocent. Chanting battle cries and urging his comrades onward with spirited litanies of strength and courage.
Alistair appears fearless in combat and outside of it, but that does not mean he is a man without doubts: often he calls his own self worth into doubt, and has blamed himself for certain events that had occurred to the group or others where he felt he did not do enough. He has a very strong hero complex where he feels he must do all in his power to save someone, and even if he does all he can and it is not enough, he can and has fallen into a bout of depression.