Dr. Callista Brighton often paints various subjects during her free time outside of UCIAT duties and her work at the University. Usually these consist of landscape paintings, still arts, or other form of visual media. Sometimes UCIAT members will commission her to do portraits (in some cases, asking her to take a few...liberties). Regardless, here is a number of pieces depicting a few UCIAT members in flattering renditions.

Volt Alessandro Arcade

Portrait of UCIAT Commander, Dr. Volt Alessandro Arcade in an electrifying pose.

Bunnie Meiru Rabbotou

Portrait depicting UCIAT Second in Command, Grand Master Bunnie Meiru Rabbotou. Bunnie is shown in mid entrance with a coil of Sakura blossoms spiraling around her in an early time before she bleached her hair blond and grew it into a lengthy ponytail.

Princess Vi

A rather overly flattering portrait of UCIAT third in command, Princess Violet Usako Tokugawa. Depicted taller and bustier than she actually appears, Violet is shown enjoying her two favorite kinds of java.

Mitzi Mozzarella2

A portrait of UCIAT Photon Combat Specialist, Mitzi Minerva Mozarella, depicting her in her favorite past time, singing one her old band's covers. Shown in her work uniform and her bobby-socks and saddle shoes instead of her usual star-buckle sandals, Mitzi can definitely rock a mic.

Mitzi Mozzarella 1

A simple close-up portrait of UCIAT photon combat specialist, Mitzi Minerva Mozzarella.


Portrait depicting a significantly more mature rendition of UCIAT Makeshift Technologist, Gadget Tress Hackwrench. Shown without her sprocket-buckle sandals, Reduction Belt, or backpack of holding; a very mo-e little sister poses with a molecularly-enlarged screwdriver. Or perhaps the screwdriver is normal-sized and she has been molecularly-reduced?