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Welcome to the Fontraile Wiki, the official Wiki for the #Miranda RP on Espernet!

This wiki exists as a sort of chronicle of RP events and such, as well as a way to help integrate new characters and players to the RP. Whether you're a decades-long veteran of the RP or a relative newbie, this wiki has everything you'll need to know about the RP itself, its characters, and its civilizations.


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All characters are property of their owners, and protected under copyright. Fontraile itself and the bulk of the world upon which this RP is based was developed by Jaimas and is considered his intellectual property.

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We have a wide variety of options available, with info on the RP's characters, power groups, and infinitely more.

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Talk to Jaimas. Alternately just fuck with it until we get this thing going. This wiki uses both Wikitext and RTF Formatting, which makes it ridiculously easy to use.


Please excuse our appearance during updates, Our old Wiki, on Wikispaces, is moving to this new site, and there's a lot we have left to transfer.

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