Details on the Royal Portal Mainframe enabled battle armors

"The RPM Armors are a new breakthrough in mobile infantry type powered armor. These combat augmenting frameworks are accessed through the Royal Portable Megaframe, C.I.P.H.E.R. and require one of the three Support Units which this feature has been enabled in. By dismantling its component parts and docking them with Sally's OGPX Jet Suit, Sally can superenhance her already amplified abilities based on the attributes of which set she activates. In whichever armor set she uses, Sally has free access to that Support Unit's weapon systems which also intermesh with her CHRONUS weapons and tools.

Gamma Armor (Speed): This armor set greatly boosts Sally's staggering level of speed but also gives her the quickest arsenal. In this mode, Sally has access to Gamma's miniguns, missiles, and Zeus Thunderbolt cannisters, as well as the electrified melee-range Shock Claws deployed from the wrist units. Being that it is the lightest of the sets, it is more vulnerable of the three however it is also the smallest and most flexible of the series, barely restricting any of Sally's movement. Additional gyros increase Sally's balance and ability to control her momentum.

Kappa Armor (Power): This armor set is the most moderating in terms of native abilities but it has the benefit of having the most powerful arsenal. When in use the Kappa Armor gives access to the Flamethrower Torches, Helios Lasers, Thermobaric Grenades, and the intense flaming Neon Claws deployed from the wrist units. The Kappa set also adds an additional amplification factor to Sally's physical strength, It offers a moderate level of protection compared to the Gamma Armor. A set of friction amplifiers and power grips allow Sally to scale walls and remain clung to them without sliding down.

Iota Armor (Defense): This armor set is built to withstand the most extreme onslaughts. Incredibly durable the Iota Armor is covered with Ceramic Titanium alloy and outfitted with heavy arm and leg guards as well as plated chest and back carapace. It's highly mirrored polish also allows it to withstand and often reflect energy weapons--generally laser pistols. It is equipped with deployable impaling impliments for ramming, impaling, and lifting or flipping enemies and objects. Each arm unit has a concealed dual-function high-power shotgun and sniper rifle with H.U.D. targeting through the helmet's visor. The wrist units also house liquid nitrogen sprayers for freezing targets at melee range. The unit also has ice bombs and depoloyable caltrops or land mines. While easily the most protected of the sets, its massive size and weight slows Sally down considerably. The Iota Armor includes a motion stabilizer to guard against slick or icy surfaces.

-Dr. Nikita Katherine Lynx