Designation: RHN-Iota, "Ramhorn"
Description: UCI Systems Mobile Artilliery Combat And Defensive Unit
Alt Form: Home Entertainment Stereo System
Robot Mode: Mechanical rhinoceros
Armaments: Spring-loaded/solenoid-assisted impaling "horn" blade, cryogenic freeze ray, ice grenades, gravity drive "spiral shotgun"
Power Source: Reachargable Hydrogen-Ion Reactor Core, auxiliary cold fusion battery
Visual Sensors: advanced prototype multifunction optic/thermal/X-ray suite, version 2.0
Audio Sensors: Dual stereophonic microphones with extended audible frequency range with speech recognition
Shell: Ceratanium alloy with plate diamond-coated titanium laminate, Rigidium carbide laminate, titanium skeleton with carbon polymer foam core. Various alumnium and steel components.
Addition Features: High-density magnetic shielding, cryokinetic diffusion system, hypothermic coil array
Newly Added Features: R.P.M. Armor Capability *see R.P.M. Armor List*

Features: "RHN-Iota is the first line in mobile defense for the UCIAT agent in need of a near indestructible, four-legged tank. Implementing 4" thick Ceratanium alloy, overlaid with plated, diamond-coated titanium laminate, this support unit repels nearly all conventional form of projectiles, resists armor-piercers, and deflects most laser and energy weapons. The obvious drawback to such defensive measures is the increased weight and heavily decreased speed and maneuverability. RHN-Iota lacks raw firepower but is armed with a variety of ice-type weapons arrays and a gravity-drive breaching rifle-cannon giving way to highly accurate, long range shots with slow firing rate.

Despite Violet's annoying need to nickname him, Iota's "ramming horn" is just the weapon/tool needed for breaching, piercing, and impaling. As an on-the-spot "Jaws of Life", ripping open alloy armored vehicles and metallic barricades is no problem for Iota's horn blade.

Iota's main processor core is a slightly revised take on the previous multi-colony geno-processors used for RVG-Gamma. While I have modeled its thought patterns after compiled species of rhinoceros, the personality quirks that previous support units seem to have seem to be non-evident. Iota has been described as slow, easy-going, and patient during downtime and bold and focused during missions. It seems I have found a good virtual psyche as the base component of the A.I.C. comprising future support units.

RHN-Iota features a new kind of cold fusion battery as an auxiliary power supply and can tap directly into it to power his various "cold-based" weaponry. Admittedly the heart of the operation is based heavily upon Commander Volt Arcade's "Ice Gatling", the surrounding systems make use of a blend of Ecotropian technology with various supporting systems found in the Vorostovian stasis unit located in the cryogenics sub-lab.

This support unit shows great promise and I have even taken the liberty of implementing the RPM Armor system into it; Sally may take full advantage of his defensive capabilities--all of which will be explained in greater detail in the R.P.M. Armor List. I have high hopes for this support unit and await its performance evaluation following sufficient field work."

- Dr. Nikita Lynx