Designation: RBT-Beta "Ratbat"
Description: UCI Systems Avian Suvailance and Attack Droid
Alt Form: Keytar Synthesizer
Robot Mode: Robotic Bat
Armaments: 100-180 dB Confusion Emitter, 500,000 watt Ultrasonic Shockwave Tunnel Generator, Diamond-coated ceramic titanium clawed talons,
Power Source: Reachargeable Hydrogen-Ion Reactor Core, auxilliary thermal core
Visual Sensors: Basic full-motion paired optics
Audio Sensors: two (2) stereophonic speech recognition microphones, four (4) omnidirectional environment-mapping microphones, piezoelectric vibration-sensing matrix, omnidirectional sonar suite.
Shell: Reenforced titanium laminate, aluminum, and flexible polymer housing with multiweave carbon nanotube skeleton and additional framework.
Propulsion: Ionic jetstream vortice microchambers, emergency compressed nitrogen hover jets,, gravity diffusion matrix, and servo-driven wing system with wing-warping guidance assist.

"RBT-Beta completely rewrites the book on how constructs perceive the world of sound. Featuring more audio-receptive systems than any know robotic entity, Beta hears all, records all, and replays all; Even in total darkness, Beta can easilyh navigate completely unknown terrain with unprecedented accuracy and efficiency. Considered the most compact of the flight-capable Generation One Support Units, it can traverse confined areas which Null and Alpha cannot. Featuring an onboard A.I. compilled using several chiropteran species as a basis, Beta exhibits a heightened degree of instincts akin to his naturally-occuring bat counterparts serving it well in subterranean and stealth missions.
Some have commented that Beta's manorisms are slightly brooding and elusive. However I have witnessed nothing which could be considered detrimental to his performance. Perhaps it is its dark, apathetic aura which Violet finds appealing as Beta is most oftened assigned to her than the rest of the UCI Action Team. Nevertheless, Beta's capacity for audio survailence is invaluable to the Ultra Crew Institute operation and his service record remains impecable."
-Dr. Nikita Katherine Lynx