RMB-Delta Edit

Designation: RMB-Delta, "Rumble"
Description: UCI Systems motion detection and ground disruption droid
Alt Form: Drum Set
Robot Mode: humanoid type
Armaments: Twin converting, arm-unit housed, hydraulic-enhanced ground-disruptions tectonic pile-drivers.
Power Source: Reachargeable Hydrogen-Ion Reactor Core, auxilliary thermal core
Visual Sensors: Full-motion video stereoscopic optics.
Audio Sensor: Dual stereophonic microphones with extended audible frequency range with speech recognition
Other Sensors: Internal seismograph, spherical 3-dimensional gyrosensor array,
Shell: Ceramic Titanium buffered with carbon nano-tube multiweave padding, Rigidium carbide laminate, titanium skeleton with carbon polymer foam core. Various alumnium and steel components.
Quote: "If into my turf you should tumble, look out, posers, here comes RUMBLE!"

Yo, yo, yo! Princess Vi here! Sorry to muscle in on Nikita's screen time, but I gots ta' give y'allz the download on the dynamic duo here. I will admit Nikita built them. But their A.I. wasn't 1337, yo. To let such a thing go unignored? UNACCEPTABLLLLLLLLE! So I whipped up some far more bad-ass gangsta brains with bad-ittude, my peeps. Ya feelin' me? Awesome sauce!

Check the mic, one-two, suckas! Rumble be the left half of the brain-operated youth ziggotopic zoids--the BOYZZ, if you wil. He got the mad, stoopid skillz! This bad boy is built to scope all manner of vibration; emphasis on seismic. Motion detection? He got that B-roll! Motion tracking? He got that B-roll! Tagging moving targets for coordinated laser-guided air strikes? He got that B-roll, FTW!

And when somebody gets real ill and up in his grill? BAM! The ground shall quake and shake with his totally tectonic pile-drivers! Nobody can do rumble in the jungle like Rumble. So what ya' say, my homies? Show him some love. Check out the funky fresh that is RMB-Delta! This is Violet! Peace out!