Headshot of Soli. The bell is a gift from her teacher, Alistair DeRosan Where did you get this... how do you spell it... "foe-toe!?" I had too much to drink, is all!

"A newborn in a minotaur tribe is a joyous occasion. The gods sing, and laugh, and dance. When Dar'Layya was born, the gods were silent. Her brother had gone back to the gods. Dar'Bolan, his mother called him, cradling his still form in her arms. The tribe wept. The gods remained still.

As Dar'Layya grew, and ran, and played, and learned, her fervor and passion for life led the tribe to know; the essence of Dar'Bolan lived on in her. She lived twice as much, worked twice as hard. The gods smiled.

When the Foul Dark came upon the tribe, the gods wept. When Dar'Layya returned, her tribe turned to evil, to monsters, she wept. When Dar'Layya slew the husk of her own father, the tribe chieftain, the gods anguished.

When Dar'Layya swore revenge, swore to live for each of her fallen tribe members, the gods smiled again. Then, Dar'Layya roared.

And the gods roared with her. The gods roar with her. The gods will always roar with her." - Minotaur folklore.

A very large minotauress (Earthen hoof, people of the plains, earth-hunter...) who came to Fontraile from the northern lands, Soliloquy (as she is commonly known) (Dar'Layya isn't pronounced like you'd think, in my tongue...) is a kind, gentle (Hah) woman whom is a member of the Church of Eatos, serving under Alistair DeRosan as his apprentice.


Race: Velgarde Minotauress

Gender: Female

Age: 26

Faction: Church of Eatos

Occupation: Paladin-Initiate

Height: 9'00" (Give or take... in my tribe we measured using stones.)

Weight: 605 lbs (I am told it is rude to ask a woman her weight.)

Innate Element: N/A (What? Minotaur are of the earth, magic or no.)

Personality ProfileEdit

Despite her tall, imposing frame that outdoes even the tallest of beastmen, Soliloquy is a very polite, gentle woman. (If you deserve such, yes.) Hailing from a small, tight-knit tribe of minotaurs in Velgarde, Soli was raised as a huntress for her tribe, often coming back with the biggest game her fellows could catch to provide for her family. (I once caught a fish that was as big as my arms outstretched. Honest.) In the presence of unfamiliar people, she is rather stiff and polite, speaking very formally as if she were at a high class party. She is also very proud of her strength, as very few (normal) people are capable of taking even a single strike from her.

Though she may be kind and gentle, few can stop the minotauress when she is angry. If Soli is drawn to anger, one will quickly find themselves on the receiving end of a merciless headbutting. If she becomes enraged, woe be to those whom are caught in her warpath.

It is advised, in fact wholly recommended that one refrain from mentioning the masked necromancer currently wanted by the church when around her. (MURDERER MONSTER BASTARD KILLER DEMON *the rest of the page continues like this, reverting to crude minotaur writing about halfway-through.*)