Medical Officer Velaska Benikov Edit

"Please, Cima, look who you're talking to. Give me a chemistry set and a box of capsules and I'll have a viable treatment for Rad poisoning in a matter of 20 minutes." - Velaska

Full name-- Velaska Chenir Benikov


Age-- 28


Hair-- Light Blue

Height--5' 5"

Weight-- 116 Lbs.

Innate Element--None

Preferred weapon(s)--SMGs, Stun Rod

Like--Experimenting, Labwork, Drew

Dislikes--Loud noises, being proven wrong, Nikita

Velaska is a former Vorostovan Military officer who served in their R&D division. A brilliant researcher, Velaska is responsible for several of the medical advances the Ultra Crew Institute has made over the last few years, and has been ever since she "went over the wall" during the Vorostov Conflict. Whilst she has a reputation as being somewhat flaky and unreliable, and whilst she has a noted reputation for enjoying experimenting entirely too much, she's proven a valuable member of the UCI and as a result, has been a go-to-unit for many of the UCI's medical needs.

Velaska gets along reasonably well with others; she is among the only members of the Ultra Crew Institute to get along well with Cima Marin, due to her former military experience and general understanding of the Sergal Hegemony (the other being Scott). She gets along particularly well with Violet and Bunnie, and is romantically-involved with Drew White. Interestingly, she has a very nasty relationship with Nikiita; the two have markedly different opinions on things and in general do not get along. Drew has explained that this is due to their work during the Vorostovan Conflict; Nikita can't really bring herself to forgive Velaska's involvement in weapons research, whereas Velaska finds Nikita's half-denial of what occured leading up to the Conflict aggravating and irritating, though Cima has argued that the conflict more likely stems from the fact that they're just that different.