Name: Viktor Lagunov - 'The Unlucky Gun'

Height: 6'1''

Age: 'None of your business.' (Estimated 29+)


An ambitious mercenary from Hevarez who is considered the VERY worst in his profession, he travels from battlefield to battlefield hoping to make it big. Stabbing backs by accident has been part of his job since day one, but he doesn't really WANT to betray's just they tend to betray him when they realize he's inept...infact if he's hired for a job, he ends up screwing over absolutely everyone whether he wants to or not. At least, that's what his enemies have spread about him. He's well versed in the use of swords and twin pistols, but not much else, is a good shot and ends up inadvertently solving half the missions he's sent on, but most of the time his clients send him on suicide missions just to see if he dies. Of course, he doesn't and usually has rediculous luck, so he says. In reality, he might SEEM like an idiot, but is a genius under pressure, waiting for the right moment to pull himself out of life-threatening situations with nary a scratch...well maybe a couple wounds...and a bruised ego. Like a Xanatos Chessmaster (without the intelligence of one) he often accidentally free himself from sticky situations in convoluted ways., Still, he tends to brag about his 'accomplishments' as if it's an honor to mess things up THAT much and live through it. Considering his run of luck and bad luck, he just might be right!

Nightwatch Advisory: The information above is wholly speculation, and even so, only from those on the receiving end of his stranger moments. He has improved. Somewhat.

As a child, his parents left the poorer part of Hevaraz in order to find a better life in Miranda. Sadly enough, poor Lagunov didn't have the advantage of coming from a richer family, and they had lost much of their earlier wealth in various short and sharp wars that went on due to infighting between several smaller factions in his homeland. These small conflicts had made him skilled in the use of firearms for self-defence, but had never intended to kill a man himself. He returned much later when he assume the situation had calmed down...and he was completely wrong in his assumptions. He was quickly conscripted to one of the armies after a bloody coup in his hometown and he deserted shortly after under almost improbable circumstances making his way back to Miranda with barely anything to his name and being a wanted criminal in Hevarez. At present, he's more of a drifter than anything else, but he still believes in what he does. While being somewhat odd and imprecise, his perserverance strikes either inspiration or ridicule into those who know him.

Nightwatch Advisory: Nightwatch personnel 'Lagunov, Viktor' is forbidden to comandeer any tank or APC in Nightwatch use for the purpose of entering a drive-through. 'I was hungry...' is NOT an adequate defense.


Sword - Bitter Fang: A rusty-looking sword, quite dented and notched like it's been through many a battle. It used to be quite a good blade for cutting or striking, but even if in disrepair, he still uses it out of sentimental value, since this was his first blade he used in battle. Bitter Fang was recently repaired by Alistair.

Dual pistols: Tserber (semi-automatic)/Uroboros (oversized revolver): Lagunov takes care of his weapons...he gives them names and personalities since he thinks it makes him stand out, apparently. He's gone so far to believe his own ideas and actually SPEAK to his guns before he uses them. However, his aim has gone off since years ago when he that he's on the decline, he's finding it harder to use these pistols.

Tserber is a semi-automatic pistol that seems to have been built out of scrap parts, but is quite useful in a pinch. Due to its origins, it tends to jam, even when in good repair, but it's regarded as a fact of life.

Uroboros is his ridiculously-sized revolver, with quite a long barrel, enough to possibly kill most things from a few yards away with a pointblank shot if he could aim it long enough to hit anything these days. Coupled with the huge recoil of a pistol THAT large, it's the luck of the draw.

Horus: This sniper rifle looks like it can't be held in human hands (and sure he had to make modifications to fire it without blowing his arms off!) and it's quite loud. Very loud, in fact. It's accurate, destructive, but like most of his weapons, has insane recoil. Due to his tinkering, there's a system that heats every round before it fires, for extra penetration into thick armor, with a heat-sink below that discharges all that excess heat built up. You might say it's insane, but it's also the most impressive gun most people have seen in his arsenal, because of the sheer complexity of the gun, as well as the madness that fuels it.


"Eh,I've had worse..." - Lagunov, on life.

'Lumen per sapientiam' - The inscription on the back of Lagunov's coat.

The mysterious organization that saved Lagunov from certain death in a strange event four years ago, preferring to send him into uncertain death instead! This group, which he usually calls 'Them' or 'They' is some kind of collective that uses him as a person who gets their work done. Whoever They are, They are peaceful with Miranda and the Raxians, but wish to promote peace. Their agenda may be mysterious, but their motives are simple: to protect the innocent and to ensure that there is minimal suffering during the long-running war. They plan to reveal themselves once 'Pawn takes King', whatever that means.

Additional notes: The former Razor Edge members have resurfaced with a variety of presumably Renalian cyberware, including Claire. Before the end of the war, they were in the employ of the Protectorate, and kept under strict terms that would have resulted in disastrous consequences, up to the deactivation of their cybernetic augmentations. Now that the Protectorate has been broken, and the war with them has ended, their current wherabouts are unknown.