"Why do I take my work so seriously? Why, for SCIENCE!"

Madman, geinus, top of his feild, absolutely out of his mind; words like these have been used to describe Dr. Stokes. Of course, he prefers Scientist.


Race: Hume

Gender: Male

Age: 57

Occupation: Co-Head of UCI BioChem Devision

Faction: Ultra Crew Institute

Height: 5'9"

Weight: 185 lbs

Due in part to his aged look, Vladimir looks rather much like a defacto mad scientist, with wild grey hair strewn about his head in combonation with his wide rimmed spectacles framing his hazel eyes, and rather fantastic moustache. Due to recent bouts of fitness related activity and a healthy diet, however, Stoke's body is far more fit than one would expect from a man of his profession. His left arm has been completely replaced from the shoulder down, due to an emergency amputation that was required to save Stoke's life from a slowly spreading toxin from an early generation R-Series prior to his escape from the lab where he'd been found.

The essentric doctor is almost never found without his labcoat, wearing it almost everywhere save for perhaps the most formal of occations, and even then he may wear the coat over his suit.

Personality ProfileEdit

Stokes is a man for whom science is a true passion. The man constantly asks questions to learn more about the world about him, and often engages in seeminly non-sensical thought experiments for the smallest of reasons. Under this seemingly infinite love of science, however, is a man whom is very strict with his morals. Above all else, Vladimir hates any sort experimentation without propper precautions and safety nets, and utterly loathes people whom experiment on others without consent. Careful consideration goes into every choice the doctor makes, to ensure the best outcome with little difficulty. However, he is only human, and has done some things that he is not very proud of.

Inspite of his borderline obsession with science, the man cares deeply for his son, Red, whom is biologically his own, son, as he provided his own celluar tissue to fertilize the retroviral infected ovum that would create Red. He's often very strict with his son's more wild behaviors, but is extremely proud to see him settle down with Monique and start a family.