William Cornelius RhodesEdit

"Rhodes, let me ask you something. Are you getting a boner doing this?"

"Nah. Had one before I took off."

- Conversation between Valerie Gilneas and William Cornelius Rhodes, during Operation Black Arrow.

Full name/Rank-- Lieutenant William Cornelius Rhodes
Race-- Human
Age-- 27
Eyes-- Green
Hair-- Black
Height-- 5' 8"
Weight-- 191 Lbs.
Innate Element-- None
Preferred weapon(s)-- Firearms
Rhodes is an experienced pilot affiliated with Merchants of Menace. He is one of the most infamous pilots on Fontraile, reknown for his ability to keep a Helicopter in the air, no matter how bad the situation, and despite a notorious reputation as being an insubordinate maverick, incredibly reckless (he has been known to fly helicopters whilst intoxicated), and completely balls-out crazy, he is widely recognized as one of the best helicopter pilots MOM has - if not one of the best helicopter pilots on Fontraile. Even Cima, widely-known for cracking down on more undisciplined individuals, has a healthy respect for Rhodes, which is an unusual contrast to the equally-capable and equally-daredevil Ripper, whose driving skills are more feared than respected. Rhodes has flown every single helicopter in MOM's arsenal, from the various versions of Sparrow at its disposal, to the larger Vulture-class transport/gunships more recently used by MOM. He also has flown numerous helicopters not used by MOM, over either necessity or design, including the old-model Rogue transport/attack helicopters used by Natural Selection and the more modern Krer class helicopters favored by Destiny's Call; he also retains, on stand-by, his original transporter, the Loaded Deck, which he uses for delivering ordnance and vehicles.

Early CareerEdit

Rhodes was trained as a helicopter pilot by the Avonellan Coast Guard. His career was typical and largely uneventful save for one incident that resulted in his expulsion: He took a helicopter on a lengthy joyride and wound up crashing it by accident. After being kicked out, Rhodes wound up flying supply runs for Displace International in northern Fontraile, where he gained a reputation as being able to deliver cargo through the most dangerous hotspots safely. His skills came to the attention of MOM, who headhunted him and gave him the chance to get back in the air on terms he was much more amenable to. Within two years, he was noted for losing the least number of helicopters (though many of his suffered terrible damage) and the most numbers of vehicles destroyed using his helicopters.